Our Process

Our mission is to build long-lasting relationships with clients who would like to make informed decisions regarding their investment, income, retirement, and estate planning. 

It is our role to understand my clients' financial concerns and objectives while providing clear and easily understood solutions through the utilization of the financial planning process.

We specialize in providing comprehensive financial planning to individuals, rural farmers, and ranchers, as well as to small business owners. We actively seek clients who value the wisdom of sound financial planning to assist them in making informed decisions.  Then we utilize in-depth discussions to determine what is important to our clients.

A comprehensive client financial plan is the foundation that Guide Star is built on. We work with our clients to set goals, develop strategies, and implement plans that may help lead them to long-term financial security. Once a financial plan is implemented, we monitor accounts for asset preservation and work with attorneys and accountants to take advantage of tax minimization techniques. At the distribution of assets stage, we pre-plan with our clients to maximize their enjoyment of reaching their financial goals while minimizing taxes and other potential long-term pitfalls. The final piece of our foundation is preparing for the transfer of assets. We care and are aware of the emotional and financial issues that may go with deciding to whom and how assets will be transferred.